France is following….the Russian path!

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

France and US have always had contentious friendship. Even when NATO was formed the US had practically to beg France to join.

Now France is again drifting away from the US.

The first spat was following the Russian sanction against Europe. They were mainly food-agricultural and France agriculture is Europe’s largest. So the most to suffer for what is essentially an American war.

The second spat was the insanely huge fine (USD9 billion) imposed to BNP Paribas for having dealt with countries on the US banned list.

Now the French Finance Minister is calling to move away “rebalancing” from US Dollar trading as transaction currency to other currencies as Russia is doing.

Plus they keep on wanting to deliver two class Mistral warship to Russia.

On a separate mention, I saw a Swiss interview to Marie Les Pen (Front National, winner of the last European election in France 25% against Centre right 20.6% and the Socialist ruling party 14.1%).

In the interview, asked what she would do as first thing if she won also in the Presidential election in 2017, candidly she answered ” I would order the printers to restart printing French Francs”.


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