Meanwhile in Ukraine

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Funny each time that Ukrainian combat news disappears….the Russian are winning.

As I was saying a few days ago the  Ukrainian advance was stretching too much the lines….and promptly the rebels, helped by the Russian who now kind of care less to be discovered as anyway they are accused, cut the advance and encircled the Ukrainian forces apparently over 2,000 soldiers without supplies.

This move is due this weekend new round of negotiations (Russia wanted a position of strength).

The Ukrainian new elections will be on late October.

Europe start to feel full on the Russian counteraction and there is growing hostility towards the US. The US has practically nothing to lose against Russia, but Europe is heading back in recession (Germany just announced that 50,000 could lose their jobs).

So why heading to recession for a US war strategy? This could help solve the Ukrainian crisis – if Europe start pushing for a situation freeze (so practically a failed state of Ukraine) that is all Putin wants – specially now that winter is coming (and a lot of Ukrainian coal mines are in the north).


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