Iraq: Mission Creep and no easy solution and expanding wars

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Iraq situation keeps worsening.

From a “Save the  Yadiziz (or save Chevron’s oil  fields to be precise)”, to support the Kurds, currently we are at support the Iraqi Government and save us from Islamic State terror (by the way, until the US intervention Islamic State did not threaten the West).

And there are approximately 1,000 US soldiers on the ground (apparently special forces are not boot on the ground).

Now, as it is true, you will start hear that we cannot defeat Islamic State without going into Syria.

Also because this month, due to the US bombing (which works as advertising for the Islamic State), Islamic State in Syria recruited almost 6,000 new fighters.

Islamic State is far from defeated and they simply changed tactics (did you noticed that all the targeted bombing looked like on stationary vehicles), hiding within the population.

Interestingly they took over the last airport base from the Raqqa province (Syria) and a few in Iraq. They are actually starting to try build an airforce (Russian intelligence sources say that they are in the market trying to buy airplanes, helicopters and drones and try to hire extremist pilots). I would see this very hard – no one has been able to win an air fight with the US – till now.

So the need of boot on the ground (now there is a strange alliance Iranian boot on the ground assisted by US air power).

Syria will present a different set of challenges as Assad is an enemy and Islamic State is an enemy and the are rebels are “friendly”, but in a constant state of flux (practically the day after they can become Islamic State). So the option will be to coordinate with Assad.

Meanwhile Islamic State will attempt to pull off some terrorist attack at least in Europe (specially UK), but if possible in the US via the southern border (as they have been very smart I would not be surprised if they already infiltrated some sleeper cells before – they must have known that the US would have got involved).

By the way the counter terrorism world seems to be focusing on car bomb risks as the latest terror media campaign was focused on DIY car bombs.

Now we hear also that the Qatar aviation struck islamist positions in Libya via Egypt. It really appears to be shaping as the Great Middle Eastern war.



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