Undisclosed news plus consideration on Ferguson

Posted: August 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

– Ukraine

The fighting keeps going on. The Western Media always depicts great victories of the Ukrainian Army (since the West sent in special forces to train the Ukrainian Army their performance improved a lot). In reality the Ukrainian is making advances, but it also spreading thin – open to counterattacks and sabotage operations.

The famous Russian convoy is almost there. It will be all safe and sound….but can open the road for a false flag attack and Russian intervention.

Russian forces are still building up in Russia/Ukraine border. They added quite a few anti-aircraft systems in the lot.

In the UE, critics of the US-mandate sanctions are increasing a lot.

We need to look at 2 dates. 14 September, Russian regional election (Russian supports rebel support, but not direct intervention and even Putin has to pay attention since now enjoy a support that no Western leader has) and the wet season (October/November) that will make more difficult any operation as the Second World War or the Napoleonic campaigns showed so clearly.


The drums of the media pro intervention are beating a lot in order to prepare a Western involvement for the poor Iraqis (but not the poor people of Syria, Gaza etc).

Again the Western Special Forces demonstrate their superiority – as soon as they appeared the performance of Kurdish forces improved dramatically (even the smart bombs have to be guided by someone). All hail to these incredible men and women!

Islamic Front is on the backfoot, but restructuring itself to fight the new battle. The Western powers know they need ground forces that is why you hear a lot of Islamic State massacre (Iraq is like Lebanon in the 1980s…more an every clan against every other clan with shifting alliances – not like the media says Kurds vs IS vs Iraqi Army.

So situation improved but far from over.

For the first time China supports and praise US for the intervention. Most of the Iraqi oil production goes to China.

– Ebola

Interesting episode happened in Liberia. A gang attacked a Liberian hospital and some Ebola patients escaped.

What is interesting is that while the gang was just attacking a looting. Digging in deeper they actually looted blood stained (ebola infected) sheets. Strange, if it is just a gang.

– Vietnam now can access US military hardware as the ban of weapon has been lifted. A clear message to China.


Ferguson, a small town in Missouri literally exploded in violence with scenes that remind me more of the dark time of  apartheid in South Africa than the biggest world democracy. Please note that the US police is practically armed as the US Army in Afghanistan or Iraq. From 2012 the US Police has been given Federal grants to acquire military hardware.

Even President Obama has been recalled from his holiday.

This is a telling story of the tension that simmer in US (and in Europe). When political decisions create situation where 20% of the richest citizen owns 95% of the share market and wealth, that is what happen.

It should be a shot of warning not only for the US, but for all Europe. 




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