The Great Middle Eastern War

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I wonder how they will call it?

I have been scouring the internet to understand Islamic State better. The more I understand the more I am scared and respect them. 

I think respect of what they are is what have been missing.

They are much more than a terrorist organization, they are really attempting a caliphate. Even sources very well informed as Stratfor are underestimating them and saying that they are stretching too much.

Actually twitter account say that they loved the US joining the effort against them as it is a badge of honour and an incredible recruitment tool from Saudi and Egypt, specially.

IS are on the back foot with the Kurds as the US air power is devastating, but they captured some cities to the east (Iran) – effectively encircling Baghdad.

They are fighting from Lebanon to Syria and Iraq. They are just 25km from Iran and close to reach the border with the Saudi Kingdom and Turkey and they already seized the Jordan border (which as a treaty of self defence with Israel).

With the dam in Mosul they practically held hostage Baghdad (they can flood it and the Americans cannot bomb it).

Baghdad government is in full crisis/golpe status. The US already sent back 750 military personnel and now, breaking news, another 130.

Inside sources say that it will need an escalation to 15,000 to counter the ISIS offensive.

President Obama in  a week changed statements from helping the humanitarian crisis to fighting IS with the Kurds to fighting IS in support of the Iraq Government.

But, as I said prior. this escalation started the 27th July – well before the humanitarian crisis.

This notwithstanding Qatar and Saudi admonished US to stay out of this Sunni/Shia showdown.

Meanwhile Russia stepped up its military consignment to Syria, Iraq, Iran and Egypt and Morocco.

I think that this will be remembered as the Great 

And I would not short oil.


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