A military build up

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

As a consequence of the geopoltitical turmoil, it seems everyone is building  up their “weapon” stock.

Russia is undergoing a modernization of the army (actually they have developed the first terminator – unmmaned robot with authority to kill). In 2016 the Pafka (5th generation stealth fighter similar to the F35) will come into line.

Japan is testing his first home -built 5Th gen stealth fighter F3.

China as usual is building up more weapons.

Australian signed a major step up in the Darwin base/US marine base.

And, I guess this you did not know, Germany is building up a European Army. It just integrated an Dutch Brigade in its army. And it is close to do the same with the Polish and Austrian army.

Did I ever said that the European Crisis was allowing Germany to conquer Europe after two failed attempt in 1915 and 1939? Yes I did! Pat in the back (sarcastic).

As in the World War…UK is drifting towards US.



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