Ukraine: war prepping?

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Uncategorized


– The Russian have again build up their forces near Ukraine. This time closer and a perfect mix for invasion (infantry, air, artillery, special forces). They sea mined the access to Crimea. Russian Defence Minister defined them as peacekeeping units (does it mean they will enter Ukraine as peacekeeping mission?)

-The Dutch investigator team for the downed MH17 has been suddenly recalled, even if a truce has been organized.

-The US Congress passed a bill to train the Ukrainian Army in 2015 (a clear no go zone for Russia)

-The Ticonderoga-class destroyer USS Vella re-entered the Black Sea, joining other 9 NATO warships

-The US deployed on site crash a 12 man special recovery team (Military – Special Ops) at the MH17. The US never deployed military specialist at a crash site (please note that the MH17 is a Malaysian Aircraft carrying no US citizen). It seems to me more a SEAL Team to me.

The most strange thing that happen is actually in finance. Yesterday in a meeting of the US Treasury Borrowing Committee a strange topic was raised: the need to raise the cash level of the US  Treasury in case of a market event of 9/11 style would deny access market access for 1 to 5 days (USD331 Billion). By the way the 9/11 event cut market access for 2-3 days.

Why this sudden issue with no market crisis raises more questions.

If you do not believe me, here the minutes

The market now is at a decision point…the Banking Index (US) is under considerable pressure and the FED is trying to calm down the markets


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