Putin: a Red October Moment coming

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Russian President Putin is closing in a Red October Moment (when the Communist started the Red Revolution).

hehas been taking flak from all side US sanctions, EU sanctions, Ukrainian victories in Eastern Ukrainian without any victory to claim (apart the initial Crimean win). A series of pretty full on defeats that need to be reversed or he will be on the line next himself as normally happens in Russia…probably substituted with someone even more nationalist than him (I can assure you that no pro Western guy will be elected – if something we will get someone even more evil).

So  for August, we must expect Putin to do something.

– Invade Ukraine

– Cut/raise the gas price to Europe

– a financial attack of some kind (Treasury yields are on the limit, inflation is on the limit….it does not need much to crash the market for someone with Putin’s power).

He will have to do something to survive and he will do it. What, we do not know.

The American are pushing hard to create “military lobby opportunities” and hit back after the Snowden case, Syria humiliations. 

I would just say, pay attention what you wish for – you just may get it 


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