Western Government, media, Israel and Russia.

Posted: July 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am always trying to steer clear of moral issues, so I make a case of the absurdity of calling where we live a democracy.

I think that there is no doubt what happen in Gaza is at least as bad as what happens in East Ukraine. In reality is much worse and the “attacker” is easily identified

As of now there is actually no proof that Russia has a direct hand (for indirect hand that than goes wrong there are plenty of cases…..it is easy to create a rogue force …much harder to control it – the current Taliban where the US backed muhjeddain of late 1990s).

But you see clearly from the media and the Western Government how the treatment is completely different….Russia always in the front page with plenty of sanctions (and ignoring when Ukraine shells Russia killing 1 (what would have happened if Mexico did it on the US) or when Ukraine uses short range ballistic missiles on the rebels (both news on CNN, but at the end of the article) – while Israel it is not good, but OK to massacre Palestinians and even bomb UN compound and killing UN personnel.

Leaving accusations aside, you can see we do not live in a democracy. This is an oligarchy where the masses are subjugated via wealth. Until the wealth last – specially in Europe the masses could start moving soon specially if Russia goes back to USSR style terrorism financing.

Both Russia and Israel will do what they want.

Israel understands perfectly that the US does not want to be any more the world policeman and needs to fix is issues before the enemy becomes too powerful.

Russia will never be a US vassal state. And if Putin falls (unlikely), someone even more diabolic will come – and if you know Russia you know it is true.

The US needs to restart the cold war as army lobby lost 50% (I do not know the exact amount) of its contracts and so the creation of the old enemy is the best to create sales opportunities.

But the USSR was strong enough to ” not be bother” while Russia needs to strike soon if it does not want to be crushed by the sanctions for real.

And at the start of the 1 World War, the major powers ware thinking that it would have been a short settlement war between Austria and Serbia.

What went wrong

37 million casualties 

4 major empires collapsed (Russia, Austro-Hungarian empire, Turkey and Germany)

It allowed the US to rise as a primary power and seeded the start of Fascism, Nazism and Communism.

On the good side – it gave some major technological advancement from air planes, to cars, ships etc



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