1983 Able Archer. Judgment Day (almost happened)

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

1983, the world as we know it almost ended.

From previously secret documents (this is all real)

In March 1983, President Reagan dubbed Soviet Union as the Empire of Evil and proposed the Strategic Defence Initiative (an anti missile like the one President Obama is planning to do in Poland) and he sent the Pershing nuclear missile to Europe.

7 September 1983 USSR fighter jets downed the civilian plane of Korean Airlines KAL007 with over 250 people on board as it crossed USSR border near Korea. The US called this a barbarity.

In November, NATO started a simulated military operation called  “Able Archer 1983” that simulated a response to a Warsaw Pact attack.

The Soviet Union went into full panic mode as it believed it was a preparation of a real attack like it happened in 1941 with Hitler’s Germany and activated the strategic nuclear missiles on full alert.

Luckily “Able Archer 83” finished and we have a history to tell.

Back to now….it looks really similar. Now a full UK Battle Group is joining Polish exercise in October 2014.

A bit similar. 


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