Welcome to Cold War Number 2!!

Posted: July 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

So the latest the development.

The Ukrainian Government fell…back to election.

The Ukrainian Army accuses Russia to have downed at least one of their airplanes (Russia not the rebels, with a Russian jet fighter air to air missile). 

The US State Department accuses (without any evidence) of Russian artillery firing against Ukrainian troops.

No evidence, but since Putin said he would consider pinpoint strikes as Ukrainian Army is supported by US Advisors and European mercenaries (confirmed in an interview in an Italian newspaper Il Giornale, interviewing a group of Italian, Swedish, Baltic State, Finland and France free mercenaries).

NATO General Breedlove is considering a NATO outpost in Poland (Szczecin) as “forwaring base” for protective strikes against Russia.

Russia kindly reminded NATO that in case of a conventional attack on Russia, its military doctrine allows it to use all tactical weapon systems – including tactical nuclear bombs.

Someone must have confused Russia with Iraq or Afghanistan!

On other Cold War Developments….Iraq is falling under Russian influence and Israel has been “carte blanche” to kill on sight (even UN protected school)….with civilian victims double the one in Ukraine.


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