Ukraine: escalation in the making

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

The US is really escalating the pressure against Russia, taking the lead as white knight against Putin.

Wait a minute…step back. The air plane was Malaysian. There was not a single US causalities in the crash. The plane was downed in Ukraine, which is part of Europe.

The Dutch, Malaysians or the Australians should be the White Knight.

So why the US is white knight against Russia. It is because of the famous spat in Syria, where the Russians blocked a US intervention after an alleged Syrian gas attack (then confuted).

In any political scenario, the strategy in a similar case is to leave the adversary a venue of honourable retreat.

Instead the US is looking to provoke Russia in a reaction.

I do not think that Russian President Putin will back down (it is not in his character, nor can he show weakness internally).

So I think we are going towards escalation (Russia is already planting sea mine around Crimea), but I do not think it wil be a war -world war two style. The US has great military superiority, but an unwillingness to fight. And Russia knows that in a full military confrontation can just achieve a stalemate (Russia cannot win, but it can inflict enough losses to make the US or Europe tremble just at the idea – there are 7 NATO ships in the Black Sea that would be sunk within minutes).

No the escalation of a war between US and Russia, will be economic (including financial markets) and cyber war. So it does interest anyone, as the front line will be where you live.

So it is important to see if the US leave an honourable retreat to Russia.

PS. Still we do not know what happened. On Russia Today news released quite a few evidence-based data that makes it clear that nobody really knows yet who did what – while the US, as of now, just says trust us we know. 


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