Mh 17 what really happened?

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

The reality of what really happened is that nobody knows. And one should beware of  accusations unless you have a different purpose.

The two most probable (in order of probability) cases are.

The “Russian backed” rebels inadvertently shot it down. They had announced a few days earlier a no fly zone. As a twist if you  check the flightpath of mh 17 (there is the website airline tracking) until the fatal day was always flying much lower trajectories and the communications between Ukrainian air control and mh17 have  been sequestered. So theory 1: rebel shot it down, but Ukrainian authorities put it there.

2. A false  attack so shot down by Ukrainian to put pressure on Russia.

Please before dismissing the second theory please know that the famous Syrian Army gas attack that almost provoked a US retaliation, in the intelligence world, is believed to have been a Saudi false flag attack. And Turkey got caught preparing a false flag attack from Syria


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