And now Israel

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

All the secret service agencies are trying to make sense of the killing of the three teenagers in Israel.

There are signs that Israel is not reacting to the killing as per “normal” flare up as Israel is readying major forces.

The theories going around around are

An Israeli false flag attack to disrupt the realignment between Fatah and Hamas

An Iranian (Hezbollah) attack with the same scope

An IS (the previous ISIL of Iraq fame) attack to provoke also Israel.

A Russian hit to provoke Israel (and so the US) and create a further distraction from Ukraine (sounds funny, but Israeli Army raided an RT (Russian news outlet) station).

Well, it is very hard for the movies to beat this mess.

PS. Israel clearly points at Hamas as responsible, even though the reality is probably different. It looks like there is a different agenda somewhere.


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