ISIL Caliphate of Syria and Iraq: the sum of all fears.

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

The fog of war is already growing large in the Middle East.

At first there were news of the Iraq Army recapturing Tikrit (then denied) – the battle for Tikrit is still on.

ISIL declared a caliphate.

But the news that are worrying is actually not what happening in Iraq, but around it.

Iran is constantly shelling ISIL positions in Iraq.

Syria is using its fighter jets bombing ISIL in Iraq

Saudi went to max alert as American drone saw ISIL movements towards Ar Ar – to capture the border post Iraq – Saudi.

Jordan-Iraq border is in the hand of ISIL and there are rumors (unconfirmed) of light clashes and pro-ISIL demonstration. And Israel already offered its protection to Jordan.

The Kurds are actually pressing to be recognized as an independent state, with a support of Israel (the first independent (from Iraq) Kurd oil shipments went via Turkey to Israel).

What a mess!

A comment

In an old post I comment that the Arabic revolution of 2011 (Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia) where destined to fail as the European Revolution of 1848. But also that in the following 10 years we will see the real consequences of the revolution as in Europe (between 1848 and 1880, Italy and Germany became unified nations). Logically, as now we are in the Internet age all is happening much faster.


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