Iraq: intervention!

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So ISIS (Al Qaeda Syria) took over half of Iraq! Although it caught many by surprise – it is not really a surprise.

Al Qaeda’s ISIS was quite powerful in Norther Iraq (they are Sunni and North Iraq is Sunni, while Iraq’s Government is Shia…so the Iraq troops they are almost seen as invaders).

Now ISIS will start to lose ground as Iran (yes Iran) has already deployed two battalions of QUDS (special forces of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards) in the South East along with Iraqi arm while the US is still discussing.

In the North the Kurdish forces (probably backed by the Turks) contained the advance reconquering Tikrit.

But Al Qaeda is not stupid…..sacrificed a few extremists to get back in the media headline and seize a considerable amount of cash (over USD400 million) and modern US weaponry.

This is part of the interregional war between Saudi and Iranians. The US will now step up weaponry sales to Iraq and the Syria Free Army.

Happiest man ever will be Putin that got two presents …higher oil price and a distraction from Ukraine (apparently 3 tanks, presumably Russian, entered Ukraine).

Now we need to watch also the oil prices…


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