US Congress: Cantor surprise defeat by Tea Party challenger David Brat!

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

The House Majority leader Eric Cantor, Republican, has been defeated by the little known Tea Party member David Brat.

This is a big surprise….as 2 days ago David Brat was so unknown that its wikipedia entry was just 2 lines. And the Republican party is reeling from the shock.

I think that the reason for the change is that Eric Cantor was seen to weak against President Obama (specially now with the new US Bill on Immigration) and starting to be part of the establishment.

It is really early news, but this could see the rise (again) of the Democratic-Republican conflict that made so much damage.

There is very little info on David Brat, but he seems a theologist (he even did a Master in Divinity at Princeton) and two published books have titles pretty much on the Christian Orthodox side “God and advanced Mammon” – Mammon being in the New Testament a false deity representing wealth and greed.


Here, we go again…..


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