Europe Election: Anti Europe Storm Rising

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

The polls are barely concluded and the situation looks dire, specially in France with the Far Right Front Nationale of Le Pen taking the lead (and actually accusing of rigging the PM, in a so called First Rate Democracy (wrong ballots that did not include the FN and incorrect papers).

So France, 1st  Front Nationale (Far Right)

Italy the anti Euro 5 Star is 2nd under 20% (this is a partial defeat – but more because Grillo is incompetent than a pro-euro vote.

UK – Farage UKIP ahead with 30%

Greece Syriza (Far left) 1st 

And so forth. It looks like a definite increase – even though, as they are very fragmented, I am sure that the media at large will say that- apart France as they cannot hide it, second biggest economy in Europe, the rise of the anti Europe sentiment is contained.

In all, latest 129 to the Anti Euro. Europe is still Governable …but the tide is rising. France now become very interesting as the entire European idea is based on the alliance Germany – France

Which is logically not with a 22% unemployment across Europe and immigrants that force European citizen out of work as a young people with a family cannot price-compete with immigrant that live in apartments as 5-10 people units


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