European elections

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

The 25 May there are the European election (also a vast arrays of local elections (28 national one for the EU, One Europe wide plus the Ukrainian election).

The polls indicate a big rise of the “anti” party (against Euro, against immigration, against Europe…but not very constructive).

Economically Europe is improving, but normal people are still struggling. Specially the fiscal pressure in South Europe is unbearable.

Also Draghi (EU Central bank) of ECB will look closely.

He (backed by the French) wants a Quantitative Easing also for Europe, but Germany, as usual, is recalcitrant. But in a sense is looking at the strength of the Euro and could start otherwise. But QE for Europe, due to the Germans, will always be a weapon of last resort in case of risk of deflation


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