Syria, a turning point

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

With all the issues around the world, Syria has been forgotten.

Assad and his allies have turned the tide (with the help of Russians (part of the US/Ukraine dispute)  and Iranians plus rebel infighting) and, unless the US decide to give the rebels some serious weaponry, the Free Syrian Army will be defeated as a Assad defeating danger (Syria will still in a kind of Balkanization situation as Assad still does not have the capacity of multiple attack due to logistic issues)

This could be a massive issue for Turkey and Saudi Arabia (and the West in general) as thousands of combat trained and radicalised fighters will return home (Turkey, Saudi and UK). Dangerous.

Naturally Israel is watching with interest and literally taking out the most dangerous (to Israel) bits of it. Recently looks like they killed a Syrian general to close to Hezbollah and some Russian missiles headed in the wrong direction (Hezbollah). Business as usual.


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