Am I too negative?

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Reading this blog you could (rightly so) I am a negative person.

In reality I am not. The things that I describe always happened and also worst (actually the conflicts within the “Cold War” period killed more persons than the World War 1!). It is just that before, unless you were part of the Government, you could not know it.

Now, via the internet you can know things you were not supposed to know.

So I am pretty positive….if you see the death stats start of 1900 and now, we made a staggering improvement. But I do not like to believe all the news that they feed us. It is a bit like the Blue or Red pill in The Matrix movie. I decide to know the truth.

Often ugly, always interesting.

As of the market  – I love a market rally, but know I am wary that, at this moment in time, there are too many unknown variables and players with the power of make the market rally or crash at their whim.

So if you earned with your work a decent amount of money for your family – it is not logical to risk more than necessary


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