Sick and tired with Ukraine? Welcome back Chinese warmongering!

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As they are trying to make you believe Ukraine is settling down (which is not)…another issue is picking up.

– In the Paracels Island Vietnam said that a Chinese vessel intentionally rammed 2 Sea Guard Vietnamese boats and fired water cannons injurying a number of Vietnamese sailors (China is trying to establish a rig there). China has approximately 80 boats around there with confirmed 7 military grade

-In the Spratlys Philippines police arrested Chinese fishermen.

-In the Pag-Asa island (Spratley, technically Philippines) China is reported to have started building an airstrip under heavy naval protection

This happens while the Philippines has just signed a new cooperation agreement with the US and there is a joint naval US/Philippines military exercise. Vietnam is seeking alliances with the US and Russia.

China is desperately trying to distract his citizen by the massive problem that the Chinese property developer are experiencing.

If you think that nothing can happen…a bit of history

In 2007 a Chinese ship fired on a Vietnamese fishing vessel, killing 1

In 1988 China attacked the Spratlys killing 80 Vietnamese  border guards and seizing 7 atolls

In 1979 China invaded a part of Vietnam (as punitive mission against Vietnam invasion of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge rule (backed by China).

Will Chairman Yellen (US Fed) save the market also this time?


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