MH 370: The most likely and the most unlikely (but plausible) scenario

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I never delved in the great mistery as there was already too much on the news…and now:

Most likely:

Boeing a few month before issued a warning note of a potential non correct fit of an antenna. A dislodgement could cause a low decompression making everyone fall asleep. The pilots recognized at the very last the issue and tried to reach the oxygen zone (3,000 meters – 10,000 feet) and bring the aircraft back…but obviously lost consciousness after resetting the auto-pilot. The aircraft finished the fuel and sank off Australia

Most unlikely: There was something on the aircraft worth taking at any cost. The passengers got sedated and diverted to one of the special US bases, Diego Garcia (by the way there were sighting of a aircraft over Maldives, just on top of Diego Garcia. After a day all media chat about it disappeared without notice). Logically the cargo has been taken over and the passengers disposed of.


By the way the truth will be never known. As the time pass, even if they find the relict it could be easily planted there. Once in Diego Garcia, refuel, fly the aircraft off the coast of Australia and sink it.


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