SP 500 fault lines and Ukraine 6am GMT

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My 3 Alert are all in RED. 

SP 500 is oversold as Bollinger but RSI is 38 – Volatility Index is 16.85 (above 16.36 is danger zone but negative is 17.09 crisis is above 18.67 – crisis full on above 19.83 panic at 21.91). Under 15.89 it would be a scale back of the alert. Simple Moving Average 50, 75, 100 have been easily destroyed. Around 1,810/1,790 there is the last support before an attack to the SMA 200 1,760.

Around 1,740 serious issues as it would break the back of rally started in Q4 2011 – If it does with force, the target would be 1,600

What it can do is a further day down (US -Monday) a small rebound and then keep on going down. But a blackswan effect could be even worsen teh situation.

In Ukraine the situation worsened a lot…all Eastern Ukraine is in a situation similar to Crimea when it was  taken over by Russian (same pattern) – but Ukrainian PM has ordered a full retaliation this time. First bloodsheds.. Various unconfirmed sources say that the Ukrainians are backed by contractors from Greystone INC (the infamous Blackwater mercenaries in Iraq). Greystones firmly denied it (it could be a Russian plant – they are specialist in disinformation). Not looking good. American sources do not think Russia is going for a conflict (got it wrong in Georgia), but for a destabilization in light of Ukraine elections in May. The Ukrainian MP has issued an ultimatum for 6am GMT (1pm Australian Eastern Coast) for the pro Russian rebel to surrender. Will  Moscow stand and watch?


If Greystone Inc is in Russia it is really bas as  for Russia it  is an illegal US Army and Ukraine with an illegal US Army in it is a clear Russian Red Line (font: Pravda). There is no reliable confirmation that Greystone is in Ukraine.

Friday the FED pumped a lot of money in, but was defeated, but they will try again.




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