Crimea: an invasion with a FSB (former KGB) touch

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It is interest to note that Russia is evolving considerably its military sophistication.

While Afghanistan, Chechenya and even the recent Georgia Russia was using the classic “shock and awe” campaign …in Crimea used much more a psychological/ bribery / intimidation /propaganda technique.

If you look at the numbers Russia invaded with just 10,000 well armed people with few lightly armoured vehicles (disguised as security contractors – very smart) against a force of 16,000 Ukrainian defenders.

In three weeks Ukrainians and their 190 bases surrendered with barely a shot fired.

A masterpiece that will go in the military textbooks.

And now they are granting special economic favours to Crimea (while Ukraine has to beg the IMF for money accepting disgraceful condition).

The Western intelligence did not caught a wind of it.

In a few years as Ukraine is suffocated by the IMF conditions and Russia smart moves, Ukraine will beg Russia to come and save them.

They should shoot the next 007 in Russia, at His Majesty Putin Service, to be fair.


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