USSR (Ops… Russia, forgot): Red Storm Rising

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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There are evidence (even you tube videos and geolock so you know it is real, thank you) of Russian amassing new heavy weaponry on the border of Ukraine.

At least 24 Gunship Mi24, several columns of battle tanks by  road and train.

Well you amass that level of fire power just to tell Ukraine to stand down against such a force – anyway you will be killed.

The natural target would be the Dniepr River (which by the way was the last “real” stand of the Germans in WW2 against USSR).

It would also leave West Ukraine  (the Pro USA one) with no sea-access. Shall we do a repeat of the siege of West Berlin too?

It feels so Europe around 1933 unless the US intervene for real. 

In that case let’s make a minor makeover (in minor, as Russia is not yet at USSR level) to the Red Storm Rising book of Tom Clancy.

Mmmmhhh and someone bet 200 millions of options the US SP500 is going down…yesterday


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