Ukraine, Russia – Crimea like Georgia

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Russia is tensing is military might over Crimea and the one with good memory will remember the small, but savage war between Russia and Georgia a few year ago.

The Russian military exercise is a clear warning to the West. We can and we will do it again. And with the military exercise already on the go, the possibility of a surprise attack is real and feasible.

This is a message from Putin to the West saying we better start negotiating.

And the West will negotiate. As Georgia shows, the West can do very little around this confrontation – yes the Russian forces are a shadow of the USSR military might, but still a force to be reckon with – and would you imagine the issue…..can’t even think about it…too reminiscent of the avoided Third World War.

So, there will be negotiations.


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