US strategy rotation almost concluded

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

The rotation of the US military strategy is almost concluded.

At the start of Obama Presidency the US was bogged down in the Middle East. This was causing a major geopolitical headache as the US could not concentrate on its real enemies, Russia and China.

China and Russia profiteer of this condition. Russia practically turned back all the “colour revolution” in the ex USSR state and China became very assertive over the Sendaku/Diaoyudao and Spratley islands.

Now the insurrection in Ukraine (the intercepted, by the Germans, mobile conversation between US Assistant Secretary of State  Nuland and the US Ambassador in Ukraine leaves no doubt) is clearly sponsored by the US and the weaponisation of Japan and other US countries in Asia make it clear that the “pivot” is almost complete.

Middle East is not forgotten, but it is now a “capture or kill” area for SEAL and various special forces hunting territory.

Welcome back to the Cold war scenario (OK, not so cold now)

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