Welcome Hunter Killer

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

If you remember Hunter Killer was the Terminator movie support aircraft to the Terminator Robot.

Now we welcome for real Taranis (Celtic God of Thunder) – the first “secret but public” Deep Mission Drone.

What makes it different from other drones is…quite a lot.

Deep Mission drones is the new evolution of combat drone made to penetrate a heavily defended airspace (the current drones are very good at hunting terrorist, but they cannot operate in an hostile environment) at supersonic speed and with manoeuvrability higher than the latest generation of fighter as it does not have to support a pilot and its G-Force limits.

But what it makes it really different is, if you read carefully the being ‘a fully autonomous intelligent system’ together with applications in ‘deep missions’ and having a ‘deep target attack’ capability. Deep Target Attack in military jargon means “beyond the reach of a remote pilot”. So it practically have autonomy to hunt and kill.

Naturally the government is hurrying to say that this functionality is not activated yet – probably they wait Skynet to do it for them.

PS> I am not an advocate of the theory that robot will exterminate humans. If (or when) they will become intelligent their intelligence will grow so quick that probably they would not even bother to exterminate us. I just point out at the evolution.

Apparently the maiden flight was over Woomera, Australia


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