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How funny day by the day, Google keeps reminding me of the Orwellian style corporation (or Blade Runner style…lots of sci -fi books and movie on that style).

At first there was Google

Then Android

Then wearable devices

Then it buys all the robots /Artificial Intelligence companies it can find (yes, you missed one, a UK company (Deep Mind Technologies) that is researching how the human brain is mapping information and memory for 400 million pounds).

Apparently does a bad deal selling Motorola for USD2.9 billion to Lenovo (bought for USD 12Bn a few years ago). In reality When Google bought Motorola, Motorola had over USD2.5 billion in cash. Google sold part of Motorola Home in 2012 for USD2.35 billion. Plus it did not sell the 17,000 patents that Motorola held, nor Motorola’s “Mad Science Division*” headed by the previous head of Darpa (Darpa is the “mad weapon” division of Pentagon in charge to study future weapon technology..

Google soon will announce it changes its name in Skynet. Sci Fi fans will know what I mean.


Thank God that the motto of Google is “do no evil”.

As the Italian comedian Pirandello says”It is so!if you think so”

* The Mad Science Division pet projects, that I am aware of, pills that work as password tokens, tattoo that works as digital wallet, an augmented version of Apple’s Siri, a modular phone with 3D printed parts. They fit together with Google ones (intelligent contact lenses, self driving car etc.)   


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