And Syrian keeps on dying

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As I told you in a post before the Swiss peace talk became quickly a farce, but the powers had to show that they were doing something.

The famous deal about the gas weapon is also a farce (4% of the supposed stockpile has been destroyed…missing completely the deadline).

The main battle is now between the Pro Western Syrian versus the pro Al -Qaeda militants (and expanding in Iraq) that seized the main oil fields in Syria and are allying themselves with Assad.

Nobody has a real interest in ending the war that more and more is a Saudi vs Iranian battleground, with Iraq and Lebanon as collateral damage.

And the most efficient  weapon dispersion control  is done by Israel that keeps on plucking out of the field the most dangerous weapon system.

Almost a definition of Middle Eastern Hell. Pity Syria was such a beautiful and multi cultured country.


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