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November has been a particularly bad month for Australia posting a -1.9% while US, Japan, China and part of Europe were up.

This highlight the importance of foreign diversification. This has been due to the fact that the post election optimism is actually failing to translate into real economic recovery bringing us mixed AGM results. The only shares that outperformed are the one with strong foreign revenue generating business.

A bit of the issue is that Australian politics should be called “Liberol”…..Liberal and Labor parties are too similar to generate a real¬†change. And without a real change, Australia has a big challenge in the near future.

So the importance of a overseas diversification is very important in your asset allocation.

Battle for Syria

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The television is kind of bored about Syria, but in reality the war is stepping up.

The 22 January there is the first real peace talk and the various sides want to arrive there in prime position.

Plus there is the temptation from Saudi and Israel (what a strange alliance!) to create problem for the Iran/US talks.

There has been an increase of quantity/quality of weapons smuggled in from Jordan from Saudi Arabia, Qatar (apparently with the help of Israel) and Turkey. Apparently also there are sign of electronic warfare assistance with signature devices typical of the IDF (Israel Defense Force). Also some appearance of Croatian war weapons (usually more lethal of the current stock) is starting to appear.

In Lebanon Hezbollah is reinforcing its position in the civilian villages near Israel and meanwhile Shiva (apparently) attacks against Hezbollah are on the increase.