China: Agent Provocateur, why?

Posted: November 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So why is China so provocative in its establishing a defense zone within the national waters of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea?

The oldest reason of the world….distract its own citizen from issues and “hidden” agendas.

There are few things that enrage more the average Chinese than Japan (read the history of the 2 World War and lack of saying sorry…and you would understand).

There are the Chinese reforms announced in November. Very ambitious and certain to disturb a lot of powers against Xi.

There is the general population angry at the scandal and corruption level of the political class, pollution levels, income disparity and lack of Western standard.

So a nice tension act as a general distraction.

For this to work it must not spark anything serious. And it shouldn’t. The drones are always what worries me most. They are easy to deploy and easier to shoot down and provoke a major incident.


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