China – Japan

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The situation between China and Japan continues to deteriorate.

China unilaterally declared an extension to the  “East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone” that includes the disputed island. This is another blow in the spat between the two countries.

Japan, apart protesting, announced the doubling of the fleet of on-air refueling airplanes and plan to introduce new faster and more agile patrol boat.

The war scenario China-Japan is extremely unlikely also due to the strict economic links between the two giants. But a misunderstanding (let’s say a downing of a drone) can happen with clear repercussions.

The US, once again, just criticized the new escalation….but it could be that also the new US Asia Pivot could be called to see if it is a bluff (like the Syrian ultimatum) or not. The US should do better its homework to be prepared as Russia will be already preparing another KGB style masterstroke like Syria.


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