Europe, a political issue

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Europe is apparently out of the crisis as long as the markets are concerned.

Yes the European Central Bank clearly saved the financial and bond markets…so the financial crisis of Europe has been averted.

In 2014 the BCE will do another stress test of the banks. And the stress test will reveal that the banks are not lending out money (in Europe 75% of all corporate lending is done by banks – only 30% in the USA and above all they do not lend to the small enterprise which, in Southern Europe employs 75% of the workforce…see a problem there?))

But what in 2014 will start to appear clear is what, in 2012, I called Europe: DOA (Dead on Arrival). And by this I mean that Europe will be financially “saved”, but nationalistic parties (of right and left ideology) will start to grow asking who is really benefiting the Euro/Europe structure. Low interest, low Euro and free money/goods flow definitely is benefiting a lot Germany


For sure not the “average Joe” (who is by the way, the voter) nor the Southern Europe Countries.

So as soon as the financial European crisis is finished a political European crisis will start. Quiet a bit overdue, I must admit.


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