US Founding Fathers

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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During my analysis of the US Congress, Tea Party and others I always found a lot of references to the US Founding Fathers.

So who are these founding fathers and what they wanted…and what they would want now?

Their names were the like of President George Washington and President Thomas Jefferson and others around AD 1800

Quite a few things appear clear.

– They willingly created a stalemate -prone Government. The main fear for them was to create a Government where someone could gain so much power to become a king or an emperor. They did not envisage the level of stalemate that we have now in the US Congress…but the counterpart at the time were the likes of Napoleon.

-They did not want a big Government nor big taxes…just enough to have commerce operate lawfully and smoothly. Definitely Obamacare for them would be too much.

-They said that a Government had to repay its debts in full. And in an event of war, after the Government should repay its debt aggressively even with taxes for a definite period.

-They preached neutrality for the US. US was much weaker. And this was just a principle, as President Jefferson bought from Napoleon Louisiana…so technically siding with the French against the English

-They saw the political career as a burden..not a career. One of their hero was Roman Emperor Cincinnatus, who, after being Emperor, returned to his farm.

In reading about them what surprised me is that they were much more pragmatic than ideological than the kind of politician we have. But I should not. They invented democracy as we know it.



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