The Saudi Kingdom issue

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

The new geopolitical positioning of the US is creating a strategical problem for the Saudi Kingdom. Their refusal to join the UN Security Council is more of a temper tantrum against the US than the official story of the issue of lack of help towards the poor Syrian civilian (who, unfortunately, nobody really cares about).

In reality the Saudis have plenty to worry about as they have been a very smart (and self serving) ally of the US for over 70 years (more than Israel).

The softening of positions between the US and Iran and the missing bombing of Syria in the midst of a generational change of the kingdom princes is actually creating a major strategical problem.

Saudi and Iran (Sunni and Shia) are the two rising powers of the Middle East (also Turkey, but it has quite a few issue to solve) and Saudis also counted on (and manipulated) the US to have the upper hand.

This potential re-alignment between US – Iran (historically correct as Iran is much more libertarian than the Saudis) is actually destroying the current Saudi strategy.

Already there is unconfirmed  evidence that they decided to send to the Syrian opposition (whatever, they do not care if it is Al Qaeda Рmost of the act of terror in Iraq are Sunni (read Saudi) driven) more sophisticated weaponry. And probably they will look into friendly deals with China in search for a new patron (and if you wonder yes there are opening between Israel and Russia).

The situation is very fluid indeed.

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