Somalia and Lybia Special Forces Attack: welcome to the new US low intensity conflict strategy

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

You have seen on the newspapers these two recent attacks, one successful and one not.

Quiet a bit of talking, but the media at large missed one important point. This is the new US Strategy.

With the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Special Force attack will be the weapon of choice for the US as a “hunt and kill” or “hunt and capture”, together with increasing usage of drones.

This kind of deployment has important consequences

– It is cheaper than an invasion

-it is faster so it can act better on intel

-the various special forces are much better skilled than normal soldier and can better achieve objectives (in the case of the Somalia failed attempt, apparently, they came under heavy fire and became impossible to capture the target – other information were that there were children in the compound)

– Special forces are more apt to use the new development of robotic assistance* that the US is developing.

– The big draw down is that the special forces operate behind enemy lines so, once spotted, they are seriously outgunned, at least for now.

*Apparently DARPA (the special weapons developments agency) is actually quite advanced in prototypingcombat ready “terminator”, probably 5 years away (the main issue is, as usual, the battery). The idea is to have a soldier linked to an avatar “hunter killer” machine

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