A warm war: Russia vs USA

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There seems to be a lot of “cold war” feeling between the two ex super enemies.

The reality is actually vastly different and the point of negotiation is actually vastly different from the current media play (confrontation on Syria).

The reality is all this fog of war is part of the negotiation between Russia and the USA as Russia feels very threatened by the US on three issue

– US actively campaigning against the “evil” President Putin (yes he is evil….but just a different shade of grey from the other players as  John Le Carre would say).

-Russia is wanting to build its own free trade bloc and naturally the US are trying to take away those countries and integrate them in Europe.

-Most of all 70% of Russian profit derives from energy and the US shale oil/gas could become a scary competitor if the US decides to export (well scary also for all exporters country, including Australia). Moreover most of the technology used in oil are often Made in USA.

So in the next meeting Obama/Putin the media will talk a lot about Syria…but the real deal is different. It will be more about what Russia can get out of agreeing in a Pax Americana on Syria and Iran 


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