Chemical Attack in Syria

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

The news of the mass scale chemical attack in Syria is a bit worrying. One year ago President Obama has said that the usage of chemical weapons was a clear red line.

President Obama does not want another Middle Eastern war, but he also cannot afford to be seen as going back on his word.

There will be UN resolutions and this time Russia and China will have difficulties in blocking them. And also if they get blocked, the “crime against humanity” involved in using gas against civilian is grave enough to justify an action from the “allies of Free Syria”.

What President Obama can do short of a full involvement? The easiest solution would be a “no fly zone” or, even better, as time and resource deployment, a cruise missile attack that eliminates the Syrian Air force (you cannot target the chemical weapon directly as the fall out would be even worse than a chemical attack).

Together with the situation in Egypt, the geopolitical risks are start to increase again


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